About Me

Who am I?

I’m Megan, a solo traveler who finally took the plunge to quit her job as a management consultant in DC to travel and explore. I’m currently living in my van in New Zealand, making for a pretty epic cross country road trip.

This blog is a mix of informative and helpful travel advice and itineraries, a winery guide, along with some of my own personal musings along the way. The name is reflection of my belief that both in travel and everyday life at home, it is usually the small seemingly inconsequential moments that move and inspire us.  A beautiful mountain, a cup of coffee and a good book, connecting with a stranger, or mouth-watering foods.

Other than the play on words, grape was also an intentional choice in words. Many of my most memorable moments are with closest friends splitting a bottle of wine. Plus as one of my favorite wineries always boasts – grapes don’t grow in ugly places 🙂 So I have also included some reviews on wineries I’ve visited. I don’t claim to be a sommelier ($6-10 wine at Trader Joe’s is still my go-to), but I do think it shows a lot about winery when a young (rather poor looking) solo person enters for a wine tasting.

Ice-Breakers. Naturally. 

  • Citizenship – South African and American. My childhood was spent in South Africa, but my family left the country at the turn of the century to give my brother and I the opportunity to chase the American dream. Ha! Just kidding! Though America is much more stable and safe than my homeland. I finally became an American the year before I left, which was perfect timing since you need citizenship in order to leave the US for than 6 months a year.
  • Best Job – While I did have a typical DC government related job for most of my 20s, I was actually pretty cool in college. I took a semester off to work/intern at a dolphin training and research facility out in Oahu. Outside of traveling, I have never been so excited to get up and start my day than the 6 months I spent working with dolphins.
  • First Solo Trip – Not till I was 25. My boss knew that I was feeling a bit bored of work and life, and suggested that I take a two month leave of absence to travel. She was and is the best boss in the world, this is super atypical in the US corporate world. Within 3 weeks of that conversation I was off to Brazil and Argentina!
  • Childhood Anecdote – Circus Class. In an effort to become engaged with the local community when we moved to the US, my mom signed my brother and I for circus lessons. And a bowling League (which I aptly named the Dolphins). I was 10. Needless to say I have no life-long friends from this stage in my life, seems I should have signed up for Girl Scouts instead. Love you Mom!