Vineyard Guide

As perhaps hinted in my blog title, I love wine and even more, I love spending time at wineries with my loved ones.  So one rainy afternoon in a week of rainy days while in Hawkes Bay, I decided I would try visiting a winery here in New Zealand even though I was solo traveling. Who knew that it would be a turning point in how I spend my time here? Now I rotate between hikes/outdoor adventure and wineries.

Even if you are not a big wino like me, wineries actually are a pretty fabulous way to learn more the local climate, culture and people. Grapes are a reflection of everything around them, and each wine region showcases the unique terroir, weather, food production, and the preferences of the people who live there. New Zealand is a narrow strip of land stretched over 1000 miles (1600 kms) from north to south (which equates to a 10 degree latitude difference), meaning that each wine region is suited for different grapes and/or produces grapes with distinctive characteristics compared to the regions north or south of it.  I can almost guarantee you that whether you are a red, white or bubbly fan, you will find something here to fall in love with.